Maldon: Wicked Temptations

The lucky cafe: Wicked Temptations

Location: 18 High Street, Maldon, VIC

At least as rural as Avoca, if not more so

The cafe

The cafe

After a stroll through town we entered this cafe. It was a quiet weekday morning and we were the only ones there. We were pointed towards the warmest room in the cafe and ordered our espressos.

Roast: Amanti

In their own words “the freshest roasted European style coffee”

the shot

the shot

What first caught our eyes was how full the little cup was. The second thing was the nice crema. The shot had a fruity smell.

The flavour was very nice once we took our first sip, definitely fruity. The roast was probably not very dark, because it wasn’t too overpowering nor was there any bitterness at all. The temperature was good and all in all every sip rolled over our tongues very smoothly. We don’t know if it was a double shot or not, but we liked it.

One of the better espressos we had

The soy: Bonsoy


The main difference between the soy and the regular latte was the froth. The soy latte‘s froth is on the low side; the regular latte looks very nice (although it’s not about looks!)

As for taste, we were quite impressed. The coffee flavour gets a bit lost because there is none of the bitterness, but the more subtle flavours come through. The lattes were sweet and they definitely don’t taste milky and the soy flavour was hardly detectable.

We paid $14.50 all up


The final verdict: 

  • Can I make better at home: no
  • Sugar rating: 1

your coffee lovers!

* * *

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