Ballarat: Vegas & Rose

The lucky cafe: Vegas & Rose

Location: 96 Humffray Street North, Ballarat

Just outside the city centre, you’ll drive past this little cafe if you don’t know to look for it

the cafe

the cafe

The cafe is small and light and stuffed with tables and chairs. We sat down in the window. It was a busy Thursday afternoon and we ordered our coffees at the til.

Roast:  Supreme Beans

Another roast to ad to our list

the espresso

the espresso

The espressos arrived to our table steaming. They smelled a bit bitter – which had us a bit worried – but they also had a slightly fruity smell. And when we had our first sip we were pleasantly surprised. It had a very fruity flavour and no bitterness at all. We could taste a dark chocolate undertone. All of which lingered nicely. The volume was good, on the low side of what is average (25-30ml).

Beautiful espresso full of flavour

The soy: BonSoy

the soy latte

the soy latte

Looks aren’t everything, but when we are presented with a beautiful coffee we feel like we’re winning. Both the regular and the soy latte were beautifully decorated.

The milks had a nice consistency, were creamy and of a perfect temperature. Both were smooth, soft, and silky. There was no soy lingering or aftertaste. The only negative thing we can day about these lattes is the lack of flavour of the actual coffee. The milks were made to perfection, but the coffee itself didn’t come through enough.

We paid $11.60 for the espressos and lattes

the regular latte

the regular latte

The final verdict: 

    • Can I make better at home: No

OuiDepuis & Espresso2xs

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