Bendigo: The Brewhouse

The lucky cafe: The Brewhouse

Location: Hargreaves St.,  Bendigo, Vic

A well-known name in the Bendigo coffee scene

The Brewhouse is one of Bendigo‘s  popular coffee stops in a town overflowing with good coffee shops. We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon around 3pm when things had quietened down so we had our choice of seating. Once we were settled we went ahead and ordered our espressos.

Roast: The Brewhouse House Blend

At first glance they looked good, but that didn’t last long…

Espresso shot zoomed in

The espresso shot

We hadn’t been waiting too long when the espressos arrived. Served in rather large “espresso” cups at first glance they looked good. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long. The crema dissipated quickly, possibly due to the lukewarm temperature. Remember that this is what was delivered to us. We don’t know how long they were sitting on the counter waiting to be brought out. This meant that a lot of the flavours were lost making it watery and thin. Oui tasted sushi/soy while I was more general with a overpowering sour flavour. Not necessarily a bad thing when combined with other flavours.

Overall we were both left disappointed and hoping the lattes would tickle our taste buds.

This was what was brought out to us, we don’t know how long they were sitting on the counter waiting to be brought out

The soy: BonSoy

The soy latte

The soy latte


The lattes arrived in a reasonably timely manner and looked good at first glance. Foam ratios were good though the micro-foam on the full cream milk was average. Not the worst I have seen, but in need of improvement. Temperature for both was good.

Then comes the true test: taste. Like the espresso shots we both we left disappointed by the lattes. Although the soy was smooth with a very pleasant texture when sipping, it tasted overly bitter with meaty/licorice flavours, while the full cream, though sweet and floral, was thin and watery lacking the boldness needed to compliment the sweetness of the milk.

Overall we were disappointed on this particular visit. Previous visits had provided us with a very different experience acting as a reminder that consistency is key.

We paid $14.70 all up

The regular latte

The regular latte

The final verdict: 

Your favourite coffeelovers,
OuiDepuis & Espresso2xs

* * *


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