Bright: Velo

The lucky cafe: Bright Velo

Location: 2 Ireland St, Bright VIC 3741 – on the edge of the town’s centre

We visited on a Monday morning and there were quite a few happy campers


the cafe

the cafe

Bright is a wonderful getaway any time of the year. As tourism is increasing, we thought we’d check out the cafe scene which is an important part for those of you on weekend-getaways. We visited on a Monday morning and there were quite a few happy campers occupying a spot in the sun on the large outside area at Bright Velo.

Roast: Padre Coffee

Our first comment was: “Cute cups!”

the espresso shot

the espresso shot

We ordered at the till and picked a table in a quiet corner. It didn’t take long for the espressos to arrive. First impressions were good, in fact everything about the shot looked good, beautiful crema, good volume, and the cups; it all worked. Although we continue to emphasize looks do not matter, it is always nice to see something aesthetically pleasing. As a result, we were of course anticipating some great flavour sensations.

This is where personal likes and dislikes come into play. My partner loved the smell and enjoyed the fruity flavours. Whereas for myself, I thought it was very strong and sour, lemony even. Where Espresso2xs leaned back in his chair and said how much he enjoyed it, I was more withholding. Having said that, there was no bitterness or even the slight burnt taste that you occasionally get. Our conclusion was that it was fruity/sour, but light at the same time.

The sour taste of the espressos came out well-balanced when milk was added

The soy: BonSoy

the soy latte

the soy latte

The lattes arrived one after the other. Their looks weren’t as pleasing as the shots, but as mentioned above that’s not what we focus on. I was a bit worried however about the microfoam of the soy latte.

The temperatures were good and we happily took our first sip. We both agreed that the fruity/sour taste of the espressos came out well-balanced when milk was added. Or as my partner put it: sour turned sweet. There was a bit of soy lingering, but all in all when adding the milk (both soy and regular) the flavours became sweet and nutty.

We can go on about how much we liked these lattes but sometimes an image says more, so allow me to paint this picture for you. Imagine a nice, sunny day when you have no where to be and the sun is shining, warming your back, you take a sip, there is some nice music playing. And all you can think is that you might just order another one when this one’s finished, because this is the best latte you’ve had in a long time!

We paid a grand total of $14.50

the regular latte

the regular latte

The final verdict: 

  • Can I make better at home: No
  • Sugar rating: 1.5 (near perfect)

From your Coffee Lovers

the outdoor area

the outdoor area

* * *

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