Kingscote: Chocol’ Art & Coffee

The lucky cafe: Chocol’ Art & Coffee

Location: 51 Dauncey St, Kingscote SA (on Kangaroo Island)

While on Kangaroo Island do as the Islanders

the cafe

the cafe

Roast: Chocol’art roast their own onsite

While holidaying on Kangaroo Island, finding a speciality, in house, coffee roster was highly unexpected and very exciting. Needless to say we had to put them through their paces.

It was just before lunch and being in the middle of the holiday season, the cafe was two thirds full, including take away orders, which was to be expected. Ordering our espressos we were prepared for a delay. Unfortunately that delay lasted half an hour, by which time the kids were getting restless and bored.

The anticipated first sip was unfortunately too hot though there was a hint of things to come

Finally the espressos arrived. Appearances were good with a strong coloured, full crema. The anticipated first sip was unfortunately too hot though there was a hint of things to come. After allowing it to cool for a few minutes, the coffee really showed what it had to offer, pleasant, full bodied sour flavours, sweetened by raw/brown sugar and cocoa that became bolder as the coffee cooled and lingered pleasantly after each sip. (No, we didn’t add sugar.)

the espresso

the espresso


We ordered the lattes and again waited, and waited, went for a walk, and waited some more. When they finally arrived, the temperature of the regular latte was perfect and ready to drink. The delicious flavours of the espresso were still strong and bold while the sweetness of the milk combined to create a berry flavour.

One has to wonder if the delicious flavours are worth the wait…

Unfortunately the soy latte was nothing like it. The soy was overpowering and none of the flavours of the espresso were left to taste. It wasn’t a good coffee or even an average one by any means.

Since we started blogging and reviewing, we were fast to learn there is a definite art to soy milk and it behaves very differently from regular milk. This is something not many baristas know, let alone master. So as good as our experience was in terms of flavour for the espresso and the regular latte, the soy was lacking.


We paid around $15

the regular latte

the regular latte

The final verdict: 

The coffees were excellent, everything I look for from a small, boutique, speciality roaster. What disappointed me was the waiting times. Both orders took at least 30 minutes which in such a small store is unacceptable. Staff training to better assist the barista and better systems and

  • Can I make better at home: on par
  • Sugar rating: 2 (soy latte not included)

Espresso2xs & Oui Depuis

* * *

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