Dear coffee-lovers everywhere!

Welcome to A Tourist’s Guide to Coffee. We are Espresso2xs & Oui Depuis, and we love coffee. Our problem is that we don’t live in Melbourne or Sydney or any major metropolitan area within Australia. Because that is where you find great coffee… Apparently.

We don’t agree, because we have had great coffees in several places in the country where you wouldn’t necessarily expect awsome coffee, because it is rural Australia. Apparently.

So, who do we think we are? 

Espresso2xs has worked in hospitality for 15 years and was barista for five, has a passion for coffee and will critically assess every single coffee in the vicinity, including his own.

Oui Depuis has ten years of hospitality experience and likes to drink coffee, but continually wonders why some taste divine and others are undrinkable.

I love you like...

And that is how you find us here, on A Tourist’s Guide to Coffee. We are going to explore the cafes of rural Australia and beyond. We will venture to places where you might not expect a great coffee (and we will undoubtedly come across a few bad ones, too). We will steer clear of big cities, because there is so much country out there that needs to be explored!

We are sure we will introduce you to some great places to have great coffee where you might not expect it at first glance (and maybe also some not-so-great places, but hopefully not). Over the past weeks we have explained what we look for in a coffee and published our first review.

As you can see, we are still very much in the beginning stages of our blog. So we ask you to bear with us while we gradually introduce you to great coffee in rural Australia.

We would love to hear your feedback, because we, too, are never done learning!

Yours truly

Espresso2xs & Oui Depuis

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